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Our office assists clients across the Greater Toronto Area, specifically the St. Lawrence, Riverdale, Danforth and East York neighbourhoods, to proactively identify and respond to potential legal risks. We move quickly to understand the nuances and context of each client’s specific issue, address their concerns, and ensure that any potential problem or dispute is mitigated as soon as possible.

Our lawyer’s approach to each file is tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We take the time, at the outset, to understand our clients’ unique perspective, and help them identify the course of action that will best meet their goals.

No situation is the same. We understand that disputes are extremely stressful and complex. Our desire is to assist our clients through their situation and litigate fiercely to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our clients receive effective advocacy and proactive advice, with prompt, personalized service.

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Areas of Practice

Domestic Contract
Custody and Access
Child Support
Spousal Support

Construction Law
Contract Disputes
Negligence Claims
Landlord & Tenant Disputes
Property Disputes
Commercial and Residential Real Estate Litigation

Late Payments
Rent Increases
Illegal Activity
Rent Abatement

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