Commercial and Residential Real Estate Litigation

We can further help you find solutions that are appropriate and cost-effective for redressing bad real estate transactions, including seeking remedies on failed purchase and sale agreements.


Failed Agreement & Purchase of Sale: Real estate deals fall apart for many reasons, but when buyers and sellers actually breach their sales or purchase agreements, harmed parties may pursue legal remedies.

The courts regularly redress failed purchase and sale agreements in Ontario by allowing non-defaulting parties to:

  1.   To accept the repudiation and sue for damages, without the further need to perform any remaining obligations of the agreement of purchase and sale; or
  2.   Insist on strict performance and completion of the agreement of purchase and sale and wait until the closing date to assess the outcome 




The Law Office of Robert McNeillie specializes in advocating and resolving real estate issues for Commercial Businesses and Residential Individuals

Buyers and sellers of commercial and residential real property, businesses and tenants hire lawyers to resolve their real estate transaction disputes.

Real estate litigation covers vast areas of law—tort, contract, property, corporate—and the controversies found in theses cases often involve:

Breach of Contract Claims—arising when one or more parties in a purchase and sales agreement do not perform their obligations.

Ownership Disputes—involves a wide range of conflicts concerning land rights.

Lease Disputes—conflicts regarding non-payment of rent or unlawful possession of commercial or residential property.

Liens—security interests on real property for nonpayment of goods or services

This list is in no way all-inclusive, but it gives commercial and residential landowners an idea of the real estate disputes that Ontario lawyers litigate every day.

If you have a cause of action or are being sued by a commercial or residential landowner, you can consult with our lawyers to determine the best course of action to meet your needs.

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