Property Disputes

Property disputes can be stressful and sometimes expensive for individuals who do not resolve their disagreements quickly. Real property disputes may stem from boundary disagreements with neighbours, excessive noise or pollution from nearby businesses or violation of a municipal by-law.

The latter regularly results in fines and fees for landowners to pay with penalties and interest accessed to their real property titles if they don’t appeal or pay their by-law debt on time.

Landowners and leasehold estates therefore should consult with lawyers to obtain experienced legal assistance soon after receiving an official notice of a property by-law violation.

It’s also vital to protect real property from public and private nuisances active in surrounding neighbourhoods that could potentially diminish an asset’s value or effect the useful enjoyment of residents living on the land.

Serving clients in the greater Toronto area, our office has the experience you need to assert property rights against unjust by-law violations and nuisances.

The Law Office of Robert McNeillie specializes in advocating and resolving property dispute issues for individuals and businesses

Municipalities in Ontario have enacted several legislative by-laws to ensure landowners maintain the properties found in their communities to a minimum standard.

Local authorities write and enforce property by-laws with intent to keep neighbourhoods clean and safe, rules which may include:

Exterior Maintenance and Repair 

Noise Control 

Snow and Ice Removal Ordinance

Open-Air Brush Burning 

Vacant Building Registration

Fencing Guidelines

Public Nuisance claims arise when the acts by neighbours or businesses put the lives, health, or comfort of many property owners at risk. Landowners may join to seek tort remedies in the form of damages or equitable injunctions to stop public nuisances from occurring if they can show the courts the menacing act obstructs the exercise or enjoyment of common property rights.

Private Nuisances happen when one property owner performs a lawful act on his or her own land, but becomes a nuisance when the act extends to the land of their neighbour. Individual landowners may seek the same tort remedies mentioned above to resolve private nuisances.

If a local government or resident has accused you of violating a by-law, or if your land has become the victim of a private or public nuisance in Ontario, please contact a property dispute lawyer at the Law Office of Robert McNeillie to learn more about your rights and legal defences.

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